Do you want to migrate?
If you want to migrate for work, changing your residence, marriage, study and looking for information to do it. Then you have come to the right place.

We ahve tried and still in process of updating this page to provide you the best and relevent possible information according to your needs.

Choose the right country for your self for immigration
Once you have decided that you want to go some where practice the following points;

  • Think again;
  • Then put infront all the countries options you have in mind;
  • Study their history;
  • Study their rules & regulations ;
  • Study their cultures & traditions whether you can fit in them or not;
  • What will you benefit after immigration;
  • How much time the immigration process will take from your country;

    Find out all about immigration as a social science, immigration laws and government procedures. Includes facts, figures, statistics, graphs and charts on immigration trends, news, procedure, issues and laws in the US and worldwide.


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